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Circulating Water Treatment:The Water Treatment Chemicals for cirulating water of painting or spray booth, provided by Haas, can cover all functional requirements, and update fast with the latest innovations applied in this section.
Product: Shark 1200

Hasco Shark 1200 is a liquid, polymeric water treatment product which is very effective in the separation and detackification of paints from water wash paint spray booths. As a detackifier it is equally effective on high solids enamels, basecoat/clearcoat systems, urethanes and waterborne paint technologies. Shark 1200 was specifically formulated to provide total paint removal through flotation. The sludge resulting from this process is easily dewatered when treated with a Hasco Orca Flocculent specifically chosen for the characteristics of your mechanical system.

Features and Benefits
Longer water life. Clean water means fewer dumps.
Lower sludge disposal costs.
Fewer booth and pit cleanouts.
Fewer particulate emissions up the stacks.

Typical Properties
Appearance     clear liquid
Bulk Density   1.034g/ml
Solubility     Completely water soluble
Flash point    None to boiling
Freeze Point   0℃
pH 1.4-2.0

Application Procedure
Shark 1200 detackifier should be used as shipped by proportionately feeding the product into the system as recommended by a Haas representative. For maximum detackification on hard-to-kill paints a Hasco Barracuda product maybe recommended for use with the process. For maximum flotation and dewatering the process should include a Hasco Orca flocculent chosen for the mechanics of your system.