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Circulating Water Treatment:The Water Treatment Chemicals for cirulating water of painting or spray booth, provided by Haas, can cover all functional requirements, and update fast with the latest innovations applied in this section.
Product: Orca 180C
Hasco Orca 180C is a highly effective organic cationic polymer flocculent. Orca 180C is used in various water treatment applications but has been chosen primarily for use in Hasco paint detackification systems as an additive for flotation enhancement and sludge conditioning. Orca 180C is very effective when used with a Cationic detackifier such as Hasco Shark 100P, Shark 2000, or Shark 2001.The sludge resulting from this process can be more easily dewatered than sludge treated with detackifier only.

Features and Benefits
More complete removal of sludge.
Lower sludge disposal costs with increased dewatering.
Fewer booth and pit cleanouts.
Fewer particulate emissions up the stacks.

Typical Properties
Appearance          Viscous, milky white emulsion
Bulk Density        8.3lbs./Gal.
Solubility          Completely water soluble
Flash point         200℉
pH(0.5%)            7.0—8.0

Application Procedure
Orca 180C flocculent should be used diluted by volume and proportionately fed into the system as recommended by a Hasco representative. For maximum flotation and dewatering the dilution should be made using a polymer mixing unit which provides sufficient time (about be made using a polymer mixing unit which provides sufficient time(about 20 minutes residence)for the polymer to completely Hydrolyze and uncoil.