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Circulating Water Treatment:The Water Treatment Chemicals for cirulating water of painting or spray booth, provided by Haas, can cover all functional requirements, and update fast with the latest innovations applied in this section.
Product: Orca 190CT
Hasco Orca 190CT is a moderately high molecular weight cationic solution polymer. It is
supplied as a clear, viscous, aqueous liquid. Hasco Orca 190CT is effective in improving
flocculation of paint solids for separation from paint booth water systems.

􀁺 Appearance Highly viscous liquid
􀁺 Density(25℃) 1.05g/mL
􀁺 pH 3.5-5.0
􀁺 Viscosity >20000mPa.s

Orca 190CT is a cationic polymer, which is effective in improving flocculation and
dewatering of detackified paint solids. Orca 190CT effectively consolidates paint flocs so
that they may be air floated, filtered or centrifuged. Orca 190CT is a solution polymer that
does not require an expensive makedown system to apply.

Dosage and Feeding
Laboratory testing and in-plant monitoring must determine the optimum 190CT dosages.
However, typical starting dosages would be in the 0.05 – 0.10 gallons of 190CT per 1.0
gallons of oversprayed paint.
190CT must be diluted batchwise or in-line prior to introduction into the system. The
dilution water to 190CT ratios should be in the 100:1 to 300:1 range. 190CT may be
introduced at any point ahead of the separation of paint solids from the water. Addition
at a point near any other chemical should be avoided.

Storage and Handling
Polymer Ventures 190CT should be stored at 50-80o F. Short-term exposure to higher
or lower temperatures will not normally harm the product. If frozen, Polymer Ventures
190CT should be warmed to 50-80o F and agitated prior to use. The shelf life of
Polymer Ventures 190CT is at least six months.