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Product: Power 77 --For anti-static jumpsuit

Hasco Power 77 is a moderately alkaline liquid cleaner designed for the safe cleaning of washable Hasco Equipment Covers. It is specially formulated for mild but effective cleaning of the special non-lint, non-static materials used in paints shop covers. Power 77 is the only product recommended by Haas for these types of cleaning operations. The product can also be used as a general surface cleaner or as a floor cleaner.

Features and Benefits
Moderate PH reduces hazard for workers
Rinses freely and completely to minimize carryover and residue.
Removes a variety of soils at economical low temperatures
Contains no phosphate for easy disposal
Typical Properties   
Appearance       Clear green liquid
Bulk Density      8.76lbs/gal
Specific Gravity       1.04 @ 70℉
pH(@ 5% by volume)     〉11.5
 (concentrated)     〉12.9
Foaming tendency      Moderate to high

Application Procedure
Hasco Power 77 is used between 5 and 50% by volume depending on the cleaning requirements and equipment being used. Concentrations of 10 to 25% are generally recommended for manual cleaning at room temperature. In heated clearing tanks, concentrations of 5 to 10% should normally be sufficient. Lower concentration can be used in floor scrubbers and other mechanical cleaning equipment.