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Product: MD -- For surface cleaning

Hasco MD is a mildly alkaline liquid cleaner designed for use in a variety of cleaning operations. It effectively removes oils, grease, paints, graffiti and a variety of soils from surfaces, Hasco MD can be used in pressure washers, steam cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers or trigger sprayers for maintenance cleaning or soaking small parts in still or agitated tanks. Because of its broad range of application Hasco MD can replace the duplicity of alkaline cleaners found in many manufacturing plants.

Features and Benefits
Mild PH reduces hazard for workers
Rinses freely and completely to minimize carryover and residue
Removes a variety of soils at economical low temperatures
Safe on most metals copper and brass
Free phosphate for easy disposal

Typical Properties
   Appearance      yellow liquid
  Bulk Density      8.5Ibs/gal
  Specific Gravity      0.97~1.05 @ 70°F
  pH (@ 4% by volume)    >12
  Foaming tendency        moderate to high

Application Procedure
Hasco MD is used between 2 and 100% by volume depending on the cleaning requirements and equipment being used. Concentrations of 25 to 100% are generally recommended for manual cleaning at room temperature. In heated cleaning tanks, concentrations of 5 to 10% should normally to sufficient. Lower concentration can be used in floor scrubbers and other mechanical cleaning equipment.