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Professional Cleaning:HFC provides the effective chemicals, materials and cleaning facilities to guarantee a clean and qualified environment for keeping painting quality and improving painting one-pass-rate.
Product: Kleen All -- A safe dissolvant

Hasco Kleen All is a solvent cleaner specifically formulated to efficiently remove uncured paint. Designed to be with a high flash point for safety, this cleaner is used to remove paint deposits in places such as paint booth step, hallways, safety rails and other surfaces and equipment where a paint stripper would be inefficient or cannot be used. Use of Hasco Kleen All eliminates the need for flammable thinners. Because the product is emulsifiable in water it is easy to clean up after cleaning with a water rinse.

Features and Benefits
Can be applied by rag, brush or spray gun
Designed to be easily water rinsable
Contains no suspect carcinogens
High flash point of 140℉

Typical Properties
   Bulk Density    7.5lIbs/gal
   Specific Gravity    0.9 @ 70℉
   Solubility        Soluble
   Flash point        145℉ PMCC
   Appearance       Clear liquid
   V.O.C Content       7.4lbs./gal

Application Procedure
Hasco Kleen All is used full strength and is normally manually applied by rag. A brush, roller or spray gun will work almost as efficiently in some applications if it is scrubbed after application. Good rinsing is usually achieved by going over the work area again with a rag wet with clean water or by spraying down the area normal water pressure, however moderate to high pressures give the best results.