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Product: Rambo - Solvent paint stripper

Hasco Rambo

Hasco Rambo is a thixotropic solvent paint stripper featuring the addition of special accelerators to cut through paint overspray and loosen it from walls, grates and floors in the spray booth. Hasco Rambo is one of the most effective and valuable strippers in the market. It’s solvent technology enables to cut through paint quickly. Hasco Rambo can be applied to most paints, it’s most effective when used in enamel paint with high solid, base and clear paint system.

Features and Benefits
Can be applied by spray, roll or brush
Water rinsable
Contain no carcinogen
Remove paints completely
Special accelerators to cut through paint overspray

Typical Properties
Appearance Nigger-brown viscous liquid
Bulk Density 7.9 Ibs/gal
Solubility Emulsifiable
Flash point 162 ℉
Viscosity >100mPa.s
V.O.C Content 6.9 lbs/gal
pH >12.5

Application Procedure
Hasco Rambo is used in solution, can be applied by spray, brush or roller. Its thickness depends on actual use. Our recommend film thickness is 250—500um. Hasco Rambo could not be rinsed off until after 5-20 minutes application. Normal water pressure satisfies rinse requirement, for better results, using middle or high water pressure.