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Product: Snowhite 99 -- For grates and walls coating

Hasco Snowhite 99 is a water-based pigmented coating used to coat grates and walls for protection against heavy accumulations of paint overspray. This product is a white, durable coating that assists in the complete removal of accumulated overspray when using moderate to high pressure water.

Features and Benefits

Thixotropic nature allows for easy spraying
Designed to be washable with moderate pressure water
Contains no suspect carcinogens
Will not interfere with most paint detackification processes
Non-chalking to prevent tracking

Typical Properties

 Appearance    White, viscous liquid
 Bulk Density    11.2 Ibs/gal
 Solubility         Dispersible
 Flash point    None to boiling
 Viscosity     2,600-3,200cps @ 75℉
 V.O.C Content   None
 pH      7.0-9.0

Application Procedure

Snowhite 99 is normally applied by airless spray system using a tip with a large aperture and a moderate angle. The product is simply sprayed until the grate is coated completely on top and sides, Once applied, Snowhite 99 dries to a chalk resistant film that stands up under most traffic situations. The coating remains in place during production hours and is be rinsed off with high pressure water during third shift.