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Product: CK 2000 - For protecting coated surfaces

Hasco Rainkote CK 2000 is a heavy duty rust preventive for outdoor storage of steel parts, equipment and coils. It dries quickly to provide a thick soft film which resists chipping and will not drip after drying. Rainkote CK 2000 will protect coated surfaces for up to one yeas outdoors and indefinitely indoors. It is particularly well suited for protecting the edge and outer wrap of steel coils during shipment overseas. In paint shops, Rainkote CK 2000 also can be used on surfaces of grating holders under booths and steel structure in elimination-units.

Features and Benefits
High viscosity allows for easy application of thick films
Soft film resists chipping
Dries quickly and can be re-applied for additional protection
Displaces water for application over wet surfaces
Residual film can be removed with alkaline cleaners
Will not wash off with water contact
Contains no barium or other heavy metals

Typical Properties
Appearance              Tan viscous liquid
Bulk Density              6.65lbs/gal
Specific Gravity           0.80@70ºF
Solubility                 Emulsifies
Flash Point               125ºF
Viscosity                 1200 cps @ 70ºF

Application Procedure
Hasco Rainkote CK 2000 is used full strength and is applied by spray, brush or immersion. The product displaces water and so there is no need to wait for the surface to dry prior to application. Rainkote CK 2000 can be removed with Hasco Admiral X an alkaline cleaner.

Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for a full description of proper handling procedures.