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Product: CK 1000 --A multi-purpose grease

Hasco Rainkote CK 1000 is a lithium 12-hydroxysearate grease formulated to provide outstanding mechanical stability. This multi-purpose grease is available in a semi-fluid. Oxidation and corrosion inhibitors as well as high quality base stocks are used in it to increase its corrosion resistance.
Hasco Rainkote CK 1000 provides excellent lubrication in both high and low temperature conditions. It provides good resistance to water wash-out and perform well under heavy loads and high speed conditions. It is recommended for use in a wide range of temperatures due to its high dropping point and exhibits excellent pumpability at low temperature.
Hasco Rainkote CK 1000 is multi-purpose grease recommended for many automotive, industrial, mining and agricultural applications. It is not recommended for use in disc brake wheel bearing applications.

Features and Benefits
corrosion inhibitors in it
outstanding mechanical stability
excellent lubrication in both high and low temperature conditions
excellent pumpability at low temperature

Typical Properties
Appearance              dark amber
Bulk Density              < 1.0g/ml
Solubility                 negligible
Flash Point               52℃

Application Procedure
Hasco Rainkote CK 1000 is multi-purpose grease recommended as lubricant for machines, booth tracks and walls. Clean the surface where it will be applied. The product can be spread on the surface by using brush, roller or airless spray gun. White oil can be used to adjust its viscosity.

Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for a full description of proper handling procedures.